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Booking Potential

Skin that glows on camera, weight-hacks you'll love, anxiety and confidence boosts all in ONE HANDY E-GUIDE. 

Are you not giving yourself the best shot of success?

I know it well….


I’ve been in the industry for the past 15 years . I’ve had success in the business, I’ve also had failure. Rejection's part of the game after all.


But we have to admit to ourselves when we're not doing ALL we can do.


I know what it’s like to not feel the best about myself walking into that audition room. I know what it’s like to be carrying an extra 10-20 pounds knowing it’s not serving me. I know all too well the anxious mindset and the nagging self doubt that can impede performance.


I know what it’s like to live below my potential.


Luckily though, I now know what it is to live my potential. I know what it’s like to feel my best, I know what it’s like to look my best for my body type. And with all of it, I now walk into auditions knowing I'm presenting my best self to casting directors. And I book more because of it.


More importantly, I know how to do it.

And I want you to do the same.

I’m so excited to offer you this.

Here’s what You’ll Get in this Guide

  • My foundational food-removals that are holding you back. 


  • My GOLDEN Weight Hacks that will help your body find its ideal.

  • My top hacks to speed up any weight-centered goals.


  • My top anti-bloat hacks for same day auditions.

  • My foundational skin hacks so you glow on camera or on stage.

  • Hacks for specific skin conditions.


  • Mindset hacks to boost your confidence, reduce anxiety and kick performance anxiety to the curb.


  • My TOP audition nerve supplement and mindset exercises. 

  • Visualization exercises when self-doubt's higher than normal.


  • Foundational supplement plan to balance hormones, boost skin and aid in weight management.

You’ll learn my TOP health hacks that I use personally to fuel your body. When you FEEL your best,
you DO your best.
This guide is perfect for any actor who:
  • Wants to look their absolute best walking into audition rooms.

  • Wants to FEEL their absolute best when they walk into audition rooms. 


  • Wants to glow on camera.

  • Wants to approach every part and audition with confidence, and not let anxiety take over in the room.

  • Wants the guidance of a nutrition expert, but wants to save money at the same time. 

  • Wants to MAXIMIZE their booking potential and WOW their agent. 

James Kall

Come from Away, Mamma Mia, Suits, Salvation

Kyle’s “Hack Guide for the Actor” is an essential tool for any person, actor or not, who is looking for a new approach to better physical and mental health. As both a well-trained and experienced Nutritionist and actor, Kyle is uniquely qualified to offer these guidelines. His approach is concise, direct, practical and realistic. The hacks make sense and results are achievable. As a working professional actor for over thirty-five years (currently performing in a long-running and very physical production of "Come From Away") I am grateful that within days of implementing Kyle’s hacks, I experienced necessary and profound energy and health renewal.

Gwynne Phillips

  HBO's Sensitive Skin, PBS's Odd Squad, The Beaverton

As an actor and writer, it can be hard to prioritize my health when I’m never home and don’t have a regular work schedule (fun!). Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable in his field, and gave me many invaluable tips on how to manage my lifestyle when I’m busy, tired or stressed. He approaches clients with a sense of humour and without judgment. What I’m saying is, Kyle will save us all! Thanks Kyle.

John Gordon

Acting Coach, Wild Card,  Judgement ,.45

I've been working professionally as an actor for 25 years. For 15 years I've worked as an acting coach and teacher and am training some of the most dynamic, consistently working actors in the city. Kyle's provided a terrific resource that connects the actor's health, both physical and mental, to their performance; a link that will make a huge difference to so many performers. With great empathy, humour and common sense, Kyle's guide invites us to grow and change. I am grateful to be Kyle Buchanan's client and hope to be for many years to come.

What actors are saying . . . 

Make this your secret weapon . . . 



Look your best.

Feel your best.

DO your best.



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