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What I Eat & Do in a Day

I’m always interested in hearing how other people live their lives, and whenever there is an article titled “What I Eat in a Day” - by literally whomever - I’ll read it.

It’s fun getting insight. Whenever anyone offers the answer to their daily routine and food activities, I’m instantly, oddly, and unequivocally hooked.

So I thought this month, why not offer up my typical (ideally best) routine on the days where I find myself the most productive, and when I thrive.

This is what works for me - and with that, it works for me sometimes, not all the time. I’m pretty OCD, but I’m not a robot. My diet varies based on what my body needs, how much I’m exercising and on the season (for example, more raw salads in the summer months, more cooked root vegetables in the winter months).

Please don’t simply accept that this is the only way; this is just my way, right now.

So here we go. Here’s what a typical work day looks like for me.


Wake up, have a small glass of water with ¼ tsp. Himalayan salt that I spooned in the night before. I drink this as close to standing up from bed as I can. It’s an old remedy that helps spare the adrenal glands from kicking in full force to increase blood pressure (with the helping hand from the salt). It’s also a SUPER energy kick first thing in the morning, and a surge of over 70 trace minerals from the Himalayan Variety (never use regular table salt for this).

I follow this with 1 full Liter of water - I have a pretty impressive chugging ability :) Then I brew the coffee.


Make myself a Bulletproof coffee - with 1 tbsp. Grass-fed butter and 1 tbsp. MCT Oil (I use Brain Octane from Bulletproof, as it’s one of the purest MCT oils on the market). I’ll then sit and enjoy, watch the news, catch up on any minor correspondences I have, and use the Squatty Potty for good ol’ #2 (we all do it, it’s healthy, don’t be shy . . . I typically go in the morning and then sometimes again in the afternoon).

*I don't always do Bulletproof, sometimes I'll just fast with black coffee - but more often than not, it's a fatty coffee . . .


Before I start my workday, I’ll ‘prime’ myself by meditating and affirming. I do this pretty much every day, whether it’s a work day or not. You feel better after, regardless of whatever crap can be going on at the time.

  • I set my iPhone timer for 6 minutes, and meditate. Just sit in silence, breathe in and out through my nose, not allowing any thoughts to truly take hold.

  • After that, I’ll plank for a timed 3 minutes, again deep breathing as best I can.

  • Following the mediation and plank, I will put my iPhone timer on for 3 minutes and affirm the HECK out of myself. I typically stand when I do this, because it really helps pump me up (believe it or not I actually can work up a sweat doing this just talking out loud – that’s the power of positive energy). The affirmations vary on the day - but things like “I love myself, I am proud of myself, I am enough, I surround myself with light” etc. are things that are common phrases most days.


Because I work for myself most days, I have the ability to chunk my own schedule. I’ll sit with my Bulletproof coffee that I am still nursing (most days), work for 3.5 hours (taking 10 minute breaks every hour when I remember). Once I’m finished my coffee, I’ll have an unsweetened herbal tea like nettle or peppermint, in addition to at least a 1L mason jar of water. I drink a ton of water, and really feel the effects when I don’t.


At this point my brain can be a little fried, and my efficiency goes way down. So instead of mindlessly plowing through, I’ll go to the gym. I typically won’t do any “pre-workout” or anything, and instead go for more of a fasted workout (remember I’ve only had the bulletproof up to this point, which keeps the body in a fat-burning, fasted state) comprised of cardio and weight-lifting.

I’ll follow the workout with a protein shake filled with various things depending on what I have on hand. But it will always contain a vegan protein powder (I can’t do dairy) - favourite being Iron Vegan and Progressive’s Fermented Protein powder. Lately I’ve also been adding Iron Vegan’s Fermented L-Glutamine for gut health and recovery, as well as their BCAAs which contain some coconut sugar to help replenish glycogen stores and get all that protein into my cells!


Back home, this is usually my first meal of the day. Most days, to keep my energy up, I make this a lower-carb meal as starchy carbs can make you sleepy. (But if I had a super intense workout, I’ll add in some starch FYI.) So I’ll have a protein, typically 2-3 free range eggs, a HUGE salad with as many colours as I can fit (field greens, purple cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), avocado, a generous amount of olive oil and apple cider vinegar as dressing, generously sprinkled with salt and pepper, and kelp powder if I have any on hand.

If I don’t feel like preparing my own lunch (which honestly is more often than not), I’ll make this a “good fast food” meal and have a BIO RAW meal, still lower carb - my choice being The Ninja or The Shred, and I’ll add an avocado to either.

I’ll also take my supplements with this meal. They always vary depending on my needs and stress levels, but the ‘round up’ always includes Vitamin D, a tablespoon of fish oil, a probiotic and 1000mg of Vitamin C (I’ll take another 1000mg with dinner).

2:30- 6:45pm

Hunker down work time, again remembering to stretch or walk about every 50 minutes or so. Of course this is wonderful in theory, but sometimes sparsely applied. Trying to work on it though!

I’ll keep a 1 L mason jar filled with water on hand and have two over the course of this time – the majority of it being consumed 2 hours after lunch so it doesn’t impede my digestion.


Drink 1 tbsp. ACV in water with a greens powder (currently using VegeGreens Pineapple Coconut Flavor, and it’s ridiculously good).


Dinner time, this will be cooked for me if I’m lucky, or I’ll cook it myself. I am extremely lazy when it comes to cooking for myself – I respect the heck out of people who love to be in the kitchen, I’m just not one of them!

Dinner will include a protein (chicken, grass-fed beef, tempeh or fish), stir-fried veggies like broccoli, red pepper and onion and a side of sweet potato (the starch helps you sleep at night). Most of the veggies will be drizzled after cooking with a generous amount of avocado or olive oil.

Dessert will most likely be frozen raspberries smeared with pumpkin seed butter and a hunk of 90 percent dark chocolate. I make sure I stop eating at 8pm – this way I typically will abide with my 18 hour fast (with Bulletproof to tide me over in the mornings as you saw).


Blue-Blocking glasses go on so the blue light emitted from the screens doesn’t interfere as much with my own melatonin production. Unwind time, which mostly equates to Netflix time.


I’ll take 400-600 mg Magnesium Bisglycinate to promote a restful sleep, proper muscle recovery and a healthy #2 tomorrow! I’ll also drink Sleepy-time tea if I have some on hand.


Bed time, I’ll do my best to read an actual book so I shut-off the mind chatter that can keep me up at night.

And really that’s it! It may sound intense, or maybe it doesn’t – who am I to judge your response? But I find that this is what works for me, right now. It may change and adapt in the future – because that’s what we as humans do – evolve.

I hope you found some insight or perhaps inspiration from my daily activities, and if you didn’t, yet still made it to this final sentence – your persistence is admirable. Well done!

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