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Happier Guts

 & Calmer minds.


Kyle here. I’m a nutritionist and actor by trade, speaker, and wellness guy on morning television.


I truly believe that what we put into our bodies, both food and thought alike, can make or break you

I hack my own body, my foundation, so that when the time comes to be “on”, I’m presenting my best self. And I teach others to do the same. 

But this wasn’t always this case. I come from a small town, and growing up I was overweight, bullied, and called anxiety my closest friend . . .


What People Say 

"Working with Kyle has been a total game changer. I first met with him feeing frustrated and discouraged, but left our meeting feeling excited and hopeful. he made some very reasonable changes to my diet, and was very serious and emphatic about the importance of self care, love, and kindness. Within days of modifying my diet and incorporating some new regimens, I noticed remarkable differences! Kyle’s enthusiasm, optimism, and kindness are contagious and make him an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t thank him enough for all his help and support and am so excited to continue working with him. This guy knows his stuff!!"


Sabrina Cook, MA | Government of Ontario 

So what's a Health Hack?

A 'health hack' is anything that will upgrade or boost your mind body or spirit. 


To qualify as a ‘health hack’, it must positively affect your health - the removal or addition of certain foods, inflammation-reduction, supplements, nutrient timing, breathing techniques, physical exercises, affirmations, the hacks are endless . . . 


The trick is finding the right combination of ‘hacks’ for each individual that will allow the most efficient progress towards their goal, propelling them to their extraordinary.


How I Can

Help You