Kyle's speaking style is approachable, humorous, direct and filled with his infectious energy that allows his message to easily and effectively be absorbed. His talks are known for having lasting effects on his audiences, leading to healthier, happier employees for those attending one of his Keynotes, or for anyone who attends his seminars. For these reasons and more, Kyle is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand Speakers in the Corporate Wellness sphere. 

What People Say 

"We had a successful and informative annual nursing conference this year with many varied speakers.  One that stood out from the rest was Kyle's talk on Nutrition.  The nurses reviewed him as our favoured speaker with undeniable enthusiasm, wit and an abundance of knowledge.  He is simply an extraordinary speaker!"
Sandra Fendic | Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses 

 "Kyle is so fun to watch. He is relatable, brings humour, joy and passion to the the topic of health and wellness. The result is an engaged, attentive and at-ease audience. He motivates, captivates and really inspires change. Kyle offers such impactful insight to the health & wellness world and is an absolute pleasure to work with!” 

Eva Redpath | [RE]set Series | Nike 

"Kyle’s enthusiasm, optimism, and kindness are contagious and make him an absolute pleasure to work with and listen to!"

Sabrina Cook, MA. | Government of Ontario


Fueling Your Foundation 

One of the most popular options, this talk brings together Kyle's 3 Key Pillars for optimal health: the best diet to abide by, the importance of 'going' and stress resilience. When applied, these pillars work synergistically with one another to develop a solid, healthy foundation for your employees so that they feel better, perform better, and have the best life they possibly can. Filled with useable advice, fun health-hacks, and interactive exercises, this talk is always a hit.  1 hour. 

building stress resiliency 

Stress is serious. Beyond the anxiety and sometimes debilitating feelings that come along with it, from a productivity standpoint, stress is literally a drag. According to professional services firm Towers Watson, stressed-out employees have lower engagement, reduced productivity and a higher absence rate than their counterparts. This talk provides key-insights on how to build up stress-resiliency, reduce cortisol levels naturally and have a calmer outlook when times are tough. Through nutritional recommendations, tools and techniques, breathing hacks and more, this talk is highly recommended for companies who are conscientious of their employees' stress-loads and recognize the important link between stress, anxiety and productivity in the workplace. 1 hour. 

Weight-hacking 101 

A talk created out of demand. Let's face it, when it comes to a licenced-nutritionst talking in front of a crowd, people are always curious about weight advice. People want to lose weight, or maintain their weight in an efficient and healthy way, but with all of the nutritional contradictions out there, they don't know where to start. Many don't have time to seek out expert guidance outside of a busy work schedule, or simply can't fit it in their budget. That's where this talk comes in, and is often a welcomed gift from employers.  I go through my top weight-management guidelines; filled with weight-hacking, bloat-hacking and immediately implementable tips your employees can put to use to feel their best and lose extra weight doing so! 1 - 1.5 hours.